A Look Inside Designing the Model Z

Written by <strong>Kevin Miller</strong>
Written by Kevin Miller
Last Updated on July 29, 2020

Our latest version of the Model Z is designed specifically to meet the needs of a modern, smart city and its constituents. It is a rapidly deployable, instantly bringing secure cell phone charging, and now wi-fi, to the urban landscape. Of course, design is an iterative process, and as we’ve built, deployed, and tested each model, we’ve learned more and more about all the stake holders affected by the product. (Some people call this “human centered design”).

We’re taking all of our learnings and continuing to improve the user experience as we create an indispensable piece of smart city infrastructure. The Model Z now includes the following new features:

  • Custom Secure Lockers: Smartphone users who need to stay connected can securely charge up in our new purpose built lockers.
  • Wi-Fi: Smartphone users aren’t just limited by battery, they’re limited by their data plans as well. Every Model Z comes with it’s own free Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Rapid Install: Urban streetscapes are busy places. Running cable, digging trenches, and upgrading infrastructure can be a time consuming, expensive proposition. The Model Z has been designed to install in minutes and because it is solar powered it’s 100% off-grid and requires no other work.
  • Sensor Platform: As a fully fledged IoT device, the Model Z also doubles as a smart city sensor platform to collect data in the urban environment. Want to associate air quality, noise pollution, foot traffic, utilization statistics, or other sensor data with a geo-location? The Model Z is uniquely positioned to support this.

The Model Z truly represents what we should come to expect from smart-city infrastructure. It’s not just a phone charger, or a sensor platform, or a wi-fi hot-spot. It is an integrated product, meant to belong on the streetscape, as friendly and recognizable as phone booths once were.

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