Best Solar Lamp Post for 2022

Written by <strong>William Palmer</strong>
Written by William Palmer

Last Updated on January 12, 2022

best Solar Lamp Post list

Outdoor-solar lamp posts are one of the easiest ways to turn your landscapes attractive. Solar lights can maximize the possibility to turn your landscape attractive. The best part about installing solar light is, they steadily optimize your electricity bills. It’s one of the reasons for which maximum buyers always prefer solar lamp posts over conventional lamps.
Frankly, as a buyer, it’s difficult to shortlist the best solar lamp post from multiple solar products available in the market. That’s why our editors have chosen the Sun-Ray Madison solar lamp post suitable for lighting your backyard patio.

The following list of top solar lamp post light will assist you in choosing a suitable garden light for backyard patio lighting.

Everything we recommend

Editors' pick

Kemeco Cast Solar Lamp Posts for Outdoor

It comes with Switches on automatically at dusk, rechargeable batteries, ripple glass and square mounting base and user manual guide for DIY installation.

Premium pick

Sun-Ray Madison Solar Lamp Post

It comes with automaticaolar powered LED bulbs, trio-lantern heads, rust resistant rechargeable batteries and 3 pieces of rechargeable durable battery.

Budget pick

Gama Sonic Solar Lamp Post with Mounting Kit

We choose this product for  low maintenance cost, no additional installation cost after purchase, durable weather coat that gives long lasting effect.

Top Solar Lamp Post Reviews for Landscape Lighting in 2022

Solar lamp posts are an ideal choice for lighting your pathways in multiple ways. It’s one of the reasons behind the quick popularity of a solar lamp. Just like any electrical appliance, it has certain limitations. Buyers have accepted it due to the following reasons.

Our pick

Kemeco ST4311AQ Cast Solar lamp Posts for Garden Lighting

1 year maintenance free warranty, ripple glasses for mounting base, automated switches to turn on/off the lights are the best way to redefine patio with this solar led lamps.

Kemeco ST4311AQ solar lamp has been included in the category of best solar lamp post for 2022 because it’s a perfect addition for your landscapes. The product has been rated in the category of best solar products because Kemeco solar lamps are designed to get switched on automatically at dusk. The solar panels absorb direct sunlight at day and automatically switch on at dusk. It reduces manual effort to switch it on/off. After switching on the lights if you forget to switch it off, the lights are switched on automatically at dusk.

Batteries are one of the key reasons for which buyers prefer Kemeco lights for lighting your backyard. It’s rechargeable battery life provides a luminous flux of 150 lm. If you want to see the ultimate performance of the product, recharge it for 24 hours, to see bright white light.

Each product comes with a manual guide. That way DIY installation of the product becomes easy. Unlike conventional street lamps, you don’t have to spend additional dollars on hiring a handyman for installing Kemeco solar light.

The appealing design of Kemeco solar lamp post is a perfect addition for lighting your backyard. Its ripple glass and square mounting base is easy to install outdoors. Planning for an outdoor lighting for lounge party? It will illuminate every dark corner of your side pathways aptly. Brightness is one of the major factors with this lamp. Its 150 lm output is apt for lighting the patio side walkways.

Easy return policy is another key factor for which buyers prefer buying Kemeco solar lamp posts for yard lighting. The product is easy to return if it fails to reach your requirements.

Also great

Sun-Ray Madison Solar Lamp Post with additional Planter

3 pcs of rechargeable durable batteries, all total 100 lumens of output, trio lantern heads are the best value for your dollars if it’s about lighting the backyard patio. It’s durable battery life is one of the reasons for which it has been taken in the category of garden lighting

Sun ray Madison solar lamps are a perfect fit for every home. It’s durable battery life is one of the reasons for which it has been taken in the category of best outdoor solar lamp post light, for garden lighting. A number of times it has been seen that often buyers prefer durable quality while purchasing solar lamps. If you’re one of them then this product is specifically meant for you. It’s cast aluminum steel is one of the reasons for which the solar lamp post has been included in the category of solar post lights.

It’s ground mounting feature is another reason for which the product is highly preferable by the buyers. The additional planter base that comes with the product makes it easy to stall it on the ground. If you’re planning to buy a solar lamp that is expected to illuminate a spacious area of your patio deck then this one is the right for you.

Easy refund policy is another attractive feature of the product. If you’re expecting a refund, then this one is always a smart fit for your home. The product has been reviewed as one of the best sellers of solar lights because of all these positive attributes. If you’re willing to renovate your backyard patio with bright led lights then this one must be on the top of your check-list.

Budget pick

Gama Sonic GS-105FPW Solar Lamp post with Mounting Kit

A wall bracket,130 lumens output, integrated photo sensor for turning on the lights at dusk and turning it off during the day is the best option for outdoor lighting. Available with three different mounting options it illuminates your patio in 3 different ways.

Solar lamp post with mounting option is an additional advantage for a buyer. Solar-lamps with mounting options illuminate sufficient areas of your patio driveway. Stalling one such lamp is enough to spread bright white light in the dark corners of your patio driveways. Gama GS 105 FPW has been included in the best solar lamp post because the product is perfect lighting vast landscapes.

Available with three different mounting options it illuminates your patio in 3 different ways. You can install the lamp post on an outdoor wall-bracket, utilize the lamp post for planting on flat surfaces of your patio driveways, etc. That way you can always illuminate the dark areas of your backyard outdoors, patio side walkways after dusk.

Integrated photo sensor of the Gama solar lamp has a feature like dusk to dawn performance. The lamp gets turned on after dusk and automatically turns off at dawn. If you want to avail the best performance of this outdoor solar lamp post, charge the product throughout the day. At night, the product gives the best performance. Since the product is entirely solar-powered, it needs direct sunlight to spread bright warm light at night. The product has 130 lumens output.

Capable of withstanding rough climate Gama Solar lamp post provides defect free performance. The lamp is expected to give such performances even during winter and wet seasons.

Zero installation cost is another reason for choosing Gama Solar lamps. They dont require additional electrical wiring for outdoor lighting. It’s one of the reasons for which buyers often take an interest in it. If you want to replace the existing lamp post with this one, then it’s always an effortless job when you choose the best outdoor solar lamp post light like Gama solar lamp.


Greluna Vintage Solar Lamp Post

67 inches tall, IP 45 weather coat, 50 lumens output Greluna solar lamp gives better lighting performance in comparison to other products from the same class!The IP45 weather coat is another way to withstand extreme weather of these solar lights.

With a combination of plastic and metal-glass construction, Greluna is another supreme choice that comes in the list of best solar lamp post light because of it’s decorative design. It’s unique wireless construction is another advantage of installing a Greluna solar lamp. The lamp post is easy to stall in the driveway, side walkway, around the patio or the porch of your backyard. Its bright 50 lumens-output renovates your deck-pathway to illuminate your pathways. Such a unique lighting pattern guarantees safety after dark.

The IP45 weather coat is another way to withstand extreme weather of these solar lights. The design of the light is appealing and it’s durable weather coat is one of the reasons for people to select this product in those areas where sunny days come only a few days in a week.

Greluna solar powered lamp post is designed to provide maximum performance by withstanding extreme weather conditions. You don’t have to worry about the wet climate or the rainy season after stalling this lamp post. Before fixing the lights, take additional care to keep the solar panels away from debris and dust. That way, you can expect the lamp post to perform without technical malfunction.
This solar powered lamp comes with an additional tool-box for installing the lamp post. The product-package comes with an additional installation kit that contains- 3 pieces of plastic grooves, 3 pieces of a screw, and four pipes along with the lamp. The product is free from electrical wiring.

With a minimum output of 25 lumens, the solar lamp post assures maximum output of 50 lumens. It’s capable of working for 6-8 hours without any technical fault. Additional switches are available with the lamp for reducing and increasing the output of the lamp. It’s bright white light can always illuminate the dark patio driveways.


Kendal SL-8407 Solar Powered Lamp Post

Additional manual switches to turn on/off light, giving dispute free performance, additional looking lamp kits for trouble free performance of 8-10 hours is the best way to compliment a patio with appealing path lamps! 

Are you searching for the right light to brighten up the dark corners of your patio pathways? Well then Kendal SL 8407 is the ideal choice for meeting your every such requirements. The durable monocrystalline silicon solar panels emit bright white output after getting switched on at night.

The LED bulbs work for 8-10 hrs at night. It’s one of the reasons for which patio pathways are always your right choice for lighting your patio deckways. The powder coated cast aluminum steel construction of the product keeps the material immune from rust and corrosion.

Appealing looking glass panes are another reason for maximum buyers to choose this product. If you’re looking ahead to a long lasting light that gives dispute free performance in the long run then this one suits your need aptly.

The product has a unique technical specification to control the light on the basis of time. That way, it gets automatically switched on at night and gets switched off during the day hours. It has an additional manual switch for turning on/off the lights as per need.

Attractive looking lamp kits with a metal black finish is another reason for choosing solar lamps. It’s 9 inches diameter and 16 inches height is the one of the reasons for choosing solar powered LED lamps.


Sterno Street Solar Light for Home

50 lumens output, durable long lasting batteries, effortless switch on/off, low voltage consuming Street lamp is smart fit for lighting your backyard patio! No additional handyman’s support is needed for fixing the lights, automated sensor to switch on/off.

Cast aluminum construction is one of the reasons for which Sterno home street lights have cast are known. The solar lights are resistant to hostile weather conditions. Buyers consider it as the best outdoor solar lamp post light due to its durable construction. Such durable construction always keeps the solar lamp free from rust and corrosion.

Sterno street lamps have replaceable AA batteries which are meant for long purpose. The rechargeable AA batteries last for 3 to 4 years (utility depends upon the user). Which means, you don’t have to spend an extra dollar for replacing the batteries frequently. It’s one of the reasons why buyers widely accept solar light.

Sterno solar lamps have 50 lumens output that illuminates every dark corner of your paths, walkways, patios and driveways after dark. Several times you might have thought of adding extensions for lighting your outdoors. If you haven’t found a suitable patio light till now, this one is an apt fit for deck lighting. It’s easy to fix and barely needs a handyman to stall it near your patio pathways.

Automatic dusk to dawn performance reduces manual effort to switch on/off these solar lamp posts. That way you can always save bulk dollars in your wallet. Once the lights are switched on, you don’t have to worry about switching it off. At dawn, the lights get automatically switched off. That’s how you always avail bright white output for lighting your backyard patios.


Davinci Solar lights with Outdoor Post Cap

Looking for an extension for deck or patio lighting? Davinci led lights with planter base and black finish comes under the category of best solar lamp post for lighting your outdoors!

Bright white light is one of the reasons for choosing the best outdoor-solar lamp post light in your outdoor patio. The installation of this deck light is effortless, as it gets mounted on a flat surface easily. Be it a patio or deck table; the solar led lamp is perfect for your outdoor decoration. If the reviews are to be believed, attractive design is one of the reasons for which Davinci light posts are popular among buyers. The additional post cap that comes with Davinci led lights are easy to fix on deck tables.

Reliable quality is an additional advantage of buying a solar outdoor lamp. Apart from its super bright 12 lumens output, UV resistant cover is another attractive feature of this street solar light. The matte textured black finish is one of the reasons for keeping the visual appeal of the product classy. However, weatherproof construction of the led solar light is one of the reasons for making it more appealing. The industrial-grade IP44 UV protected plastic with hardened, tempered glass protects the super bright led solar street light to assure a dispute free performance for years.

Davinci solar led lights get switched on automatically after dusk. Its built-in photo sensor regains sunlight during the day to generate energy from it. At night, the charged particles automatically start illuminating the whole compound. Getting an easy-refund is another benefit of choosing Davinci solar street light. To know more about the refund policy in detail, you can explore the respective product-website.

Solar Lamp Post Buying guide
Solar Lamp Post Buying guide

Buyer’s Guide: Things to Consider before Choosing a Solar Lamp Post

Solar lamp posts are a suitable choice for lighting your garden nowadays. A spacious garden needs multiple lights for illuminating the dark corners of a landscape after dusk. Most of the buyers prefer solar lamps rather than conventional street lamps for such purposes. That’s primarily due to some of these factors. Some of those factors are:

Brightness factor

Brightness is an essential factor that one must not forget while buying a solar lamp post for garden lighting. Frankly, nobody wants to waste a single dollar on purchasing a product that has less than 10 lumens-output. Brightness of the solar lamp is an important factor which you don’t want to avoid before buying solar lamp posts.

That’s why you need to verify these factors at first before you consider a solar-product best for patio lighting.

Per unit output

Before choosing a solar lamp, always find out how much lumens output can it provide. Try to shortlist those solar lights/lights which provide maximum lumens output. If it produces 50 lumens or 100 lumens output, always keep them on the top of your preference list. That way you can always select the best solar lamp post to illuminate your patio deck-ways.

Reliability of the product

Quality is another crucial factor that one must not overlook while choosing solar lamp posts. If the product is not reliable, you might have to replace the product with another one after a few years.

Putting up lights won’t be enough if you want to keep trespassers at bay, use Solar Fence Charger for better security. 

Time taken to charge

The capacity of the solar cells may vary from one another. Before choosing a solar lamp post, you need to verify the size of the solar cells. Always shortlist those solar lights, which works for 6-8 hours without any technical disruption. It’s better to charge the batteries under direct sunlight so that it spreads super bright white light after dusk.

Works in low sunlight and winter

Buyers often think that solar batteries can’t get charged in the absence of sunlight. Frankly, that’s not true. Solar cells get charged even if there’s low sunlight. However, the performance factor of the battery may vary in low sunlight. Always choose a solar-product with a battery back-up that gets charged in low sunlight and illuminates efficiently at night.

Durable weather coat

Before purchasing a solar lamp, you need to know whether it’s waterproof or not. A solar light with IP65 weather coat is capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions. Be it rain, snowfall or rainy season; an IP65 weatherproof solar lamp is expected to give dispute free performance in hostile weather conditions. That’s one of the reasons for which buyers rely on these products.

Basic mechanism

Solar lights are different from conventional street lamps. Unlike the conventional garden lamps that need electricity, solar lamps have solar panels for retaining sun energy. The built in solar cells convert the sun’s energy into electrical energy during day hours. At night, the solar battery uses those electrically charged energy for powering the solar led bulbs. Since it’s environment friendly, and the battery back-up lasts for long, solar led light is the best option for lighting your patio deck and driveways.

Now that you know the basic factors that need to be considered when buying a solar lamp post, you can easily choose an ideal product. But, if you want to decorate your outdoor area completely then checkout our buyer’s guide on Solar Christmas Lights.

Finding the Best Solar Lamp Post for Outdoor Lighting at a Glance

Are you looking ahead for a solar light fixture to light up your backyard patio? These are the few things which you must include while seeking the best solar path light for deck-lighting. That way you can always choose best solar lamp post for outdoor lighting


Battery backup of a solar product is an essential factor that you must not ignore while buying a solar lamp. Before placing the final order, always try to find out how much time it takes to get charged.

If it takes less time to charge and gives maximum performance after dark, then this one must be on your top priority list whenever you look for the best outdoor solar lamp post light.

Durability of the solar panels

It’s better to select solar lamps with durable solar panels. A- Grade durable solar panels don’t have any visible defects. It’s one of the reasons for which buyers prefer one such panel. Always try to choose those solar lights that come with durable solar panels. If you’re unable to find the right solar panel, do spend some time in knowing which are the best solar-products with a durable solar panel?

However, it’s an additional advantage to choose a solar-product that’s IP65 weather coated. Such a product is expected to give a technical dispute free performance for years.

It will always help you to seek the right solar product for patio lighting.

But lighting can not stop moles from coming into your garden, and once moles enter your garden all your efforts of beautifying will go to vein, so use Solar Mole Repeller to keep moles away. 

Operational Mode

Maximum solar lights have an auto operation system to switch on/off solar lamps for reducing manual labor. It’s one of the reasons why buyers prefer solar lamp posts. Some products may not have that feature, and manual effort is needed to switch on.

That’s why it’s suggested to go through the product details before placing an order finally.

Works during winter season

Solar lights are always expected to work in the winter seasons. However, the performance factor of the solar cells may vary during the winter months. You can’t expect the batteries to perform as it does during the summer season.

That’s why it’s suggested to buy durable solar cells so that the solar lamp gives a dispute free performance even during winter seasons.

Lights that you need to install

The only way to remove darkness after dusk is to install bright warm white light in your garden sidewalk ways. Before investing in solar lamps, it’s equally necessary for you to know the requirement of the lights. Say, e.g. the condition is of 5 solar lamps, and you installed only 2, as your budget is limited. That’s when you need bright 100 lumens solar lamps for garden lighting. It’s an additional benefit if the solar light comes with a planter base.

Additional planter base with the product is a benefit

A planter base is additional support that helps a solar street lamp to stand erect on ground. Be it a smooth or a rough surface; a rigid planter base allows a bright led garden light to illuminate the patio driveways even if the lights are fixed at a sufficient height. That way you can easily brighten your spacious patio deck-ways. Before purchasing a street light, always find out whether the product comes with an additional toolkit or not. An additional tool-kit will help you to organize a DIY fix without spending an extra dollar on hiring a handyman.

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