Golf Cart Battery Reconditioning

An easy, step-by-step guide to recondition your golf cart batteries

Written by <strong>Kevin Miller</strong>
Written by Kevin Miller

Last Updated on July 8, 2021

Golf Cart Battery Reconditioning Tips

Do you golf on the weekend? In that case, you probably own a personal golf cart. It usually has 4, 6, or 8 6-volt lead-acid batteries – a lower capacity but similar cell to the ones used in standard lead-acid car batteries.

There will come a time that your golf cart batteries will die out or reduce its charge capacity. Replacing all those 4 to 8 power packs would cost you around $800 to $1,500. If the batteries are not damaged, you can still recondition it, and it will save you from shelling out huge cash for brand new cells.

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I am that type who is very stingy when it comes to buying new things, when, in fact, you can still do something to fully utilize its value. I am going to share with you some ideas on reconditioned golf cart batteries.

The process of golf cart battery reconditioning is straightforward, and similar when you recondition a 12-volt lead-acid car battery. Just keep reading through the whole article to know more. If you have any queries, you can write that in the comment section in the last part.

Benefits of Reconditioned Golf Cart Batteries

Is it worth it to do reconditioning? You get a few benefits from a reconditioned golf cart batteries, and here are some of its typical benefits.

  1. Cost Savings
    The main reason why you want to recondition your cells is to avoid shelling out a hefty price for brand new ones which costs around $800 for lower-end brands, and up to $1,500 for expensive ones.The cost savings for reconditioned golf cart batteries is approximate, 25% to 50% of the retail cost for the brand new ones. For me, that is more than enough if I could extend its life to around six months or a year.
  2. Waste Reduction
    Golf cart batteries are lead-acid batteries, like those in your regular car. You cannot readily dispose of these kinds of waste because it contains chemicals detrimental to the environment. The cell’s electrolyte solution is made from an acid and has traces of lead metal.Throwing this anywhere can pollute the soil and groundwater, which affects us and the environment.

Tips and Warnings: Golf Cart Battery Reconditioning

Golf cart batteries are lead-acid types, so you need to wear your safety gear before doing the reconditioning process. The safety gear you need are goggles, rubber gloves, and apron.

Other tips and warnings you need to consider are the following:

  • To avoid sulfate salt build-up in your cells, do not fully drain the charge of your lead-acid battery.
  • Check for the water level of your golf cart cells. If it is not at full level, do not refill unless you are done charging it to 100 percent full capacity. Filling the water at a full level before charging can cause spillage during the charging process.
  • Work in a well-ventilated area for the reconditioning. It must be done to avoid fume build-up around the place, likewise, to keep a cool temperature for yourself and the batteries.
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Step-by-Step Guide: Golf Cart Battery Reconditioning

You need to prepare these materials beforehand for the reconditioning a dead golf cart battery.

  • Safety goggles
  • Rubber gloves
  • Apron
  • Distilled water
  • Epsom salt
  • Bucket
  • Baking soda
  • Flathead screw
  • Wrench
  • Battery Reconditioning Chargers
  • A new or old toothbrush
  • Steel wool or sandpaper (optional)

Next, here are the simple steps you need to follow

STEP 1Wear your protective gear before starting the whole process. These safety gears include your goggles, gloves, and apron.

STEP 2Remove the batteries from the cart using your wrench.

STEP 3Prepare a mixture of baking soda (2 parts) and distilled water (1 part). Mix the paste-like solution.

STEP 4Dip your old or spare toothbrush in the baking soda and water solution. Then brush it on the battery terminals to remove any corrosion. If the corrosion is hard, you can use steel wool or sandpaper to have an extra abrasive texture in peeling off the corrosion.

STEP 5Grab your flat head screw and remove the battery caps. After, prepare the bucket and drain the old electrolyte solution into the bucket. Do the same thing for the other golf cart cells.

STEP 6Prepare a solution of 12% to15% Epsom salt and distilled water. You can lightly warm distilled water to ensure all salts are completely dissolved. After, refill all your empty golf cart cells with this new electrolyte solution. Then, return and lock the battery caps to each cell.

STEP 7The next step is recharging your golf cart cells with a battery charger. You need to set the charging phase in a slow amp rate, which could last approximately 12 hours. Ensure proper wire and terminal connections between the charger and the cell. The red wire is for the positive terminal of the battery while the black wire is for its negative terminal. To avoid any hassle, you can invest in a smart battery charger for your golf cart battery reconditioning.

STEP 8The last procedure is for the golf cart battery load test, which you can conduct using a battery load tester. This device is readily sold in all hardware stores, and it does not cost that much.

Battery Reconditioning Guide for Beginners

Frequently Asked Questions

For added information, I have included some FAQs regarding golf cart battery reconditioning and some related topics.

How to know if there is any problem with the charger or battery?
Frequently, it is the battery that is the problem and seldom with the charger. To know if the charger is not working, you can test it with another cell.

To examine if each cell has the right voltage capacity, use a voltmeter. Charge your battery to full capacity before reading its voltage with a voltmeter. If you are using a 6-volt cell, then the reading at full capacity must be within 6.2V to 6.3V. Getting a reading of 4V means you need to recondition it or replace it with a new one if there are any leakings or damages.

Can my charger still charge my golf cart cells if their voltage is low?
For automatic chargers intended for golf cart cells, it cannot charge if the battery is completely dead. If you have 36 volts for your golf cart battery set, then it must have at least 20V to 25V, for your automatic charger to recharge it back.

For a 48-volt golf cart battery set, it must retain 30V to 35V for your automatic charger to recharge it.

What is the estimated life of golf cart batteries?
On average, if there are proper maintenance and usage, the cells can last between 4 to 6 years.

Can you refurbish Golf cart batteries?

Yes, it is reasonably possible to recondition your golf cart batteries. But, there will be a condition for that. If the battery is not fully dead and you can charge it up to a certain extent, it will be possible to refurbish it.

What kind of batteries go in a golf cart?

There is a lot of confusion about golf cart batteries. There are three types of lead-acid batteries: flooded, gel and AGM. Golf carts use flooded or AGM-type batteries.

How does low temperature affect golf cart batteries?
A low temperature can slow down the charge and discharge rate of any golf cart cells. Likewise, it decreases its charging capacity.

Wrap Up

Finally, we are done with the golf cart battery reconditioning. If you plan to try at home, I am very interested in knowing your feedback and experience. I will welcome any queries or suggestions. You can freely write it down in the comment section below.

If you want more in-depth learnings about battery reconditioning, you can visit Ez Battery Reconditioning Review for they offer various courses about it. The information can be beneficial and profitable if you plan to have your battery reconditioning service business.

Thank you for visiting my page, you can also check out my other articles for other details.

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