Best Solar Powered Motion Security Lights of 2022

Written by <strong>William Palmer</strong>
Written by William Palmer

Last Updated on January 12, 2022

Best solar powered motion security lights List

Solar powered motion security lights are a fantastic addition for creating increased security and a sense of safety. These solar motion security lights are typically for areas that are not easily accessible.

Primarily, solar motion sensor lights work with the sun, for they convert sunlight into energy and store some extra energy as well. Motion detection is the unique aspect for it light’s up the moment motion is detected.

To find the best solar powered motion security lights, we have comprised a list of our top products.

Everything we recommend

Editors' pick

LITOM Solar Motion Security Lights

Litom solar lights charge 25 percent faster than standard solar lights. Improved illumination range to 270 degrees.  Most energy-saving solar lights.
Premium pick

BAXIA Technology 28 Led Solar Powered Lights

The sensors can detect movement up to 12 feet at a 120-degree angle. It is IP65 waterproof and heatproof. There is no dim mode to increase the lifespan of the product.

Budget pick

Aootek Upgraded Solar Motion Lights

Detecting motion within 26 feet at a 120-degree angle. Three unique modes: ON/ OFF at dusk and sunrise, Dim & Bright when motion detected, off and Bright when motion detected.

List of top solar powered motion lights for the year 2022

Led solar motion-activated lights are relatively new products that come with various advantages over the conventional security lights.

With the ease of installation, use of the power of the sun and offering light during a power outage, the benefits are limitless.

Therefore, if you are wondering what are the best solar lights and if they are worth it? Then keep reading below!

Our pick

LITOM Solar Security Lights

Litom Solar security lights are the best in the market. These super bright lights can be purchased in a pack of four, two, or as individuals. They come in a sleek design with contemporary packaging that is suitable for most places. Along with its modern design, it is the brightest solar motion sensor light available in the market.

Being an innovative leader in the solar motion light technology, Litom focuses on design and technology to provide the optimum lighting experience!

With over 5,000,000 solar lights sold, the product speaks for itself. These outdoor solar motion lights come with an upgraded energy management chip that increases the area and the angle of illumination by 50%.
The illumination range of one light reaches 200 square feet and 800 square feet if four lights are simultaneously used. Litom Led lights convert solar energy into electricity by storing it at daytime and lights up for 20 seconds at night.

Additionally, it prolongs its lightning time if motion is detected again during lightning. Compared to others, Litom solar powered led light brings three convenient working modes perfect for the front door, backyard, garage, driveway, deck, pathway, and porch.

Litom solar power lights are IP65 waterproof that protects the circuits and battery from heat, rain, snow, and cold. These LED lights have passed the FCC certification with a life span of 3 years.

Also great

BAXIA Technology 28 Led Solar Powered Security Lights

The BAXIA technology solar lights (BX -SL-101) model has solar cells at the top of the face of the unit, angled downward. Its motion sensor sits at the top center of the light face. These outdoor solar motion lights are high for spots like front doors, back patios, decks, etc.

These solar panels are designed with No dim light to increase the life span of the product. The sensor can detect motion within 3 to 5 meters and turns on automatically in darkness or at night, providing illumination and security.

BAXIA technology brings upgraded 28 powerful LEDs and 400 lm with a 120 degrees wide angle for the yard, garden, and pathway. The light is charged by sunlight at daylight and works at darkness when motion is detected.

These Solar motion light turns off automatically after 30 seconds to conserve energy for later use! BAXIA easy to install solar panels can be installed at the outside wall, gate, yard, deck, patio, fence, and garden. The led solar security light comes with IP65 waterproof and durable characteristics.

Budget pick

Aootek Upgraded Solar Motion Lights

Aootek solar panels are intended for wide-angle illumination at any space provided it receives the proper sunlight. These lights come in a pack of two for durable usage. The solar panels work great as outdoor lights for fence, patio, garden, porch, lawn, pathway, gutter, etc.

Aootek upgraded solar motion lights come in three optional modes,

  • Security mode ( the lights turn on and off automatically),
  • Permanent all night (stays on an entire night)
  • Smart brightness control ( light stays all night and turn bright when it detects motion)

It is available with an upgraded and sensitive PIR Motion inductor that can detect movement till 26 feet at an angle of 120 degrees. The light sensor comes with a 2200 mAh capacity rechargeable lithium-ion battery for long term usage.

Aootek high efficient solar Led lights provide bright light and broader detection range than other similar views in the market. The high efficient solar motion sensor lights are more energy-saving with a conversion rate of 20.5 percent, making it more suitable for long term use.

It’s IP65 waterproof and heatproof design is specifically built to withstand extreme temperature conditions. They are easy to install. The solar motion detection light can be mounted on the wall with the provided installation kit.


SUNIX Solar Security Lights

The SUNIX solar led light is one of the best solar powered motion security lights that are perfect for the sole purpose of security. The flashing red LED deceives the intruder for its appearance looks somewhat like a security camera. Its unique Light adjustment features are ideal for tight spaces.

There upgraded 42 white LEDs, and 2 Red LEDs provide 1.3 times brighter illumination with upgraded sensitive PIR motion sensor. The sensor quickly responds to motion detection within 26 feet.

The Solar panels can rotate 360 degrees, while lamp heads 90 degrees. Therefore, the light angle can be adjusted to illuminate the perfect spot. This Solar security lights can be adjusted according to the direction of the sun to absorb more solar energy.

SUNIX motion detector lights will automatically turn on in dim light at night but turn bright when it detects movement. It automatically switches to dim light after 20 seconds of inactivity. The sensors automatically turn ON at dusk and shut OFF at Dawn.

These solar motion sensor lights are IP65 certified. It can resist extreme heat and cold.


Draw green solar powered security light with motion sensor

It is the best solar powered motion security lights for lawn, garden, yard, garage, porch, driveway, and landscape areas. The light and the solar panel can be adjusted with adjustable arms that can be moved in all directions.

The 1400 LM high power LED outdoor solar security light provides high illumination up to 40-55 feet. It comes with a rechargeable 18650, 3.7 V, which is easy and affordable to replace.

Draw green solar powered security lights comes with high strength Aluminum alloy shell with durability duration of 3-5 years. These efficient solar panels on sunny days take about 5-6hours to charge fully. On rainy days, with dim light, the charge can last for three days.

The lamp head is adjustable to 360 degrees and comes with a built-in photocell sensor to save energy. It has an astonishing lifespan of 50,000 hours and 160 weeks. Draw green solar light model comes in the form of a spotlight where the solar panel sits just at the top of it.

LEPOWER solar powered motion lights

Unlike previous models, the unit from LEPOWER has two separate light lamps as opposed to a single large lamp. The 15 feet cord between the unit and the solar panel ensures flexibility, so the panels get the sunlight it requires during the day.

These Solar lights come as two super bright LED lights with 950 lm brightness output. It has a 1500 mAh lithium-ion battery rechargeable by an amorphous silicon solar panel connected with a 15 feet cord.

There is no need for electricity as the amorphous silicon solar panel can obtain low current charging in cloudy and rainy days and in areas where sunlight is inefficient.

These Floodlights are capable of 180 degrees full sensing angel with 49 feet sensing range. The light heads and the motion sensor can be easily adjusted to different angles as per requirement.

It is IP65 approved for weather resistivity against rain, sunlight, snow, and sleet and comes with impressive 50,000 hours longevity with consistently good performance.

The quality standards of the lamps provide efficient lighting and add extra safety to your house. It is a unique model where solar power is connected to the lights through wirings.

ZOOKI solar motion sensor light

Having a 6400Mah rechargeable battery, a powerful solar panel, WiFi camera, very high waterproof rating, a multi-User interface and efficient motion detection alarm, ViewZone Solar Powered Security Camera L4 stands as one of the best products the user should invest in. The major highlight of the product is PIR sensor and trigger recording, which can help to stop any trespassing and reduces the chance of false alarms.

No dim mode ensures the extension of the life span of the motion sensor.

It’s easy installation technique helps in mounting the solar security light without supervision. 6.5 to 13 feet height are recommended for installation.

These outdoor lights come with 28 bright LEDs for better brightness and illumination. Its smart and sensitive PIR technology provides a more comprehensive illumination range and longer sensor length.

solar security lights buying guide
Solar security lights buying guide

What to consider before purchasing your best solar powered motion security lights?


The shape and structure of the light play a crucial role if you are considering to buy solar motion security outdoor light. Each model will illuminate your yard differently in the way it is put together. Models with adjustable and separate spotlights or headlights are great for multi-purpose use, while the panel model is great for the contained area.

Solar Panel location:

The location of the solar panel is something essential to consider when purchasing the best lights on the market. For instance, the Litom LED models have solar panels that rest flat on the top portion of the unit while there are others where the solar panel is placed 15 feet away from the actual unit. Regardless, make sure the unit you buy will be able to face the sunlight in the place you intend to use it.


Knowing which area to install the model unit is another factor during the purchasing process. If you are looking for illuminating an ample space, then a comprehensive angle model is recommended. However, the same wide-angle option would not work at the front door. Try buying according to an area; otherwise, you would end up spending more than it was previously intended.

Local weather:

For the security lights to work correctly, the solar-powered panel needs 6 to 8 hours of sunlight per day. Therefore, the amount of sun you get in the area should be a primary deciding factor. However, if there is an alternative source of outdoor lighting, then it should not be a problem.


In the older solar-powered models, the sensor mode has shown a problem with the changing temperature, especially in low temperatures. In the winter season, people have complained about their sensor mode being on the fritz. However, the customer reviews about these particular issues have been resolved.
Maintenance: Solar-powered lights rely on a rechargeable battery to store their power. However, the lithium batteries need to be replaced after a duration, usually after three years. The photovoltaic cells require an unobstructed view of sunlight and cleaning from time-to-time to operate efficiently. Most of the solar motion super bright security lights use LED lights, which last for 30,000 hours producing bright light. Therefore, you do not require changing the light bulbs ever.

Mounting location:

These Outdoor securities bright light must have direct sunlight during the day to function properly at night. That means specific modes will not work in densely shaded areas. While some models have light panels attached to the light source, the higher-end models have the light source separate from the unit. This separated solar source gives super bright light much more versatility with the mounting location since the sun can be placed in shady areas.

Once you consider these things you can make a better purchase. But, lights will make you feel secured after dark but what about in your absence? Think of installing a Solar Powered Security Camera also for better security. 

So how long do solar security lights Last?

If you think if solar lights are worth the cost?

Then the answer is yes! Provided if you take good care of them!

Speaking generally, the batteries in motion security outdoor light can be expected to last 3-4 years before they need replacement.

However, the answer to the particular question stated above depends on different factors,

  • Battery capacity: The battery capacity determines the amount of energy that can be stored, and the duration of the solar-powered motion light sensor will last. On average, it is typically stays lit for 8 to 12 hours, which is more than enough.
  • Modes of Operation: The available mode of operation determines how frequently the LED’s are used. If you switch from a continuous mode to sensor mode, then Solar-powered security motion lights will last much longer.
  • Lifespan: The lifespan of the high-quality light sensor motion security lights range between 3 to 5 years.

Some solar-powered model works best if they are charged for several days. Some people charge them for four to five days before turning them ON at night.

This gives the batteries enough time to recharge and restore to last throughout the night, especially on a rainy or a cloudy day.

The battery capacity of the solar lightning device differs on how long they stay illuminated with each operation. It can vary from ten seconds to four minutes.

Longer illumination leads to shorter operational time in due course of time. Almost all solar security lights come with an adjustable mode to switch between shorter and longer illumination period.

Make sure to remove the plastic coating from the face of the panel during installation to get the most of the solar light.

Do solar security lights work in winter?

All solar light work in the winter!

As long as the solar-powered panel receives daylight to power up, they will function normally.

Most solar-powered lights come with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that provide outstanding performance.

In some premium products, one hour of direct sunlight could provide 1.3 hours of LED output, with power-saving mode, the runtime extends even longer by reducing the power going to the LEDs.

Therefore, no matter what time of the year it is, the solar lights charge the same way. Solar panels use energy from daylight, although direct sunlight provides the best option for it is less diffused through the cloud.

Even on a cloudy or a rainy day, your solar motion panels work perfectly. Since Solar-powered unit comes with rechargeable batteries, the panel simply restores the energy lost during the evening during daylight.

Therefore, it recommended for the best performance to angle the solar panel to direct sunlight with nothing blocking its way.

Once, you have secured and illuminated your outdoors, consider beautifying it by installing a Solar Birdbath Fountain.

How much are you expecting to pay for the solar-powered motion security lights?

One of the best things about solar powered motion lights is that they are very affordable.

Although prices may vary for different manufacturers and depending on crucial features included like sensor mode, motion detection, easy installation, battery capacity, and the brand itself.

On average, a single motion sensor solar powered security lights vary within $20 to $60. Premium brands get a bit expensive.

When the service and the lifespan these devices offer, you will understand the price is not expensive.
You will also find some brands offer two or more items at a smaller price.

The price is perfect if you look at their feature offerings like light fixture intensity capacity, wide-angle, and Size of the solar light, motion range, battery life, waterproof, heatproof, and others.

Most of the products that you would purchase probably would not exceed $60.

In conclusion, the best motion solar security light is the one that is easy to install, fits your space, and illuminates your yard the right way.

There are plenty of robust models, but you may not need a powerful model to accomplish your task.
Therefore acquaint yourself with information about the different solar security lights, and our reviews are the perfect place to start.

So stay prepared with our amazing models of solar panels that not only brighten your house but ensures protection from any intruders at night as well.

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LITOM Solar Motion Sensor Light


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