Battery Reconditioning Charger

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Written by <strong>Kevin Miller</strong>
Written by Kevin Miller

Last Updated on July 8, 2021

Battery Reconditioning Charger

Do you know the difference between a battery reconditioning charger and the regular battery charger you always have in your garage or trunk? The main difference lies in its mechanism and features of recharging batteries.

The regular battery chargers you typically use are still good but you have a higher chance of overcharging and destroying your battery. Likewise, you need to periodically check on the charger and your battery for its status to avoid any accidents.

With the aid of technology, battery reconditioning chargers came to life. They made our lives more convenient and comfortable. These new chargers have smart features controlled by microprocessors in regulating the amount of current and voltage delivered to the battery. Consequently, this innovative mechanism prevents overcharging which damages the battery.

Moreover, these smart battery chargers have reconditioning abilities which are practically useful when you are on a trip or when your battery has stayed unused for a while. If you do not like the hassle of DIY battery reconditioning process, then a battery reconditioning charger is your best option. Let’s get started…

Benefits of Battery Reconditioning Chargers

Is it worthwhile to buy my own battery reconditioning charger? The majority of those who have it said it is worthwhile. For further understanding, here are a few benefits you can enjoy from owning one.
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  • Starting your own Battery Reconditioning Business
    By acquiring enough knowledge and buying the right battery reconditioning charger, you can easily start your own business with this one. It does not require much capital and earnings can range from 25% to 50%.
  • Remove the Hassle of Dead Batteries and Cost Savings
    Dead batteries will no longer be a hassle if you always have a battery reconditioning charger in your trunk. Likewise, you can save money by not buying a new battery.
  • Help Protect the Environment
    When you recondition old and dead batteries, you are reducing the amount of waste thrown into the environment. The electrolyte solution in lead-acid car batteries contains an acidic solution with lead contents. These chemicals are harmful to the environment. Hence, proper disposal must be observed.
Battery Reconditioning Charger Mode
Battery Reconditioning Charger Mode

What are some good battery reconditioning chargers in the market

In the market, there are hundreds of battery reconditioning chargers available for sale. However, do not buy if you do not know the things you need to look for a good battery reconditioning charger.

Among several smart battery chargers, the ones I find of great quality are the following:

Stanley Battery Charger Reconditioning Mode:

It is a 15-amp battery charger with a built-in automatic 40-amp engine start mechanism. Stanley is prominent and popular brand in making quality tools and devices. This unit also has a mechanism to readily check its alternator and protection against wrong polarity connection.

Similar to other smart chargers, it can automatically choose the appropriate current for your battery. If there are sulfate deposits in the plates, it can help dissolve these solids by sending frequencies to soften it. Moreover, it has an LCD display for you to see the status of your battery.

CTEK Battery Charger Reconditioning Mode:

It is not only Stanley which makes good quality smart chargers, CTEK also creates this devices. These modern chargers does not just charge but reconditions your old and idle batteries to its healthy condition. Recently, they have three lines for their battery reconditioning chargers: MXS 3.8, MXS 5.0, and MXS 7.0.

The MXS 3.8 is a good model for those who want to try using these kinds of chargers. It uses the standard 7-step cycle for charging.

The MXS 5.0 is an upgrade with a reconditioning feature. It uses an 8-step recharging mechanism with built-in reconditioning abilities.

Meanwhile, the MXS 7.0 has similar abilities with MXS 5.0 but with a higher power potential. It can accommodate 14V 150Ah to 225 Ah.

Eliminator Battery Charger Reconditioning:

This is another model of battery reconditioning charger for a 12V battery. It has built-in microprocessor to readily match the requirement of your 12V battery. Likewise, it also has desulfating capabilities.

Everstart Smart Battery Charger Recondition:

This smart battery charger is a good first aid for any road problem regarding dead battery. If you have this in your trunk, you do not need to ask help from any strangers.

Battery Reconditioning Alkaline Battery Charger:

This is a smart charger intended to recharge and recondition your alkaline batteries. With the various brands and models in the market, never be fooled for attractively priced chargers as quality can never be assured.

Similar to a regular car battery charger, a regular alkaline charger also pose high risk of overcharging. When the price is right, go for a smart alkaline charger with reconditioning features. You can also have a pulse charger which produces frequency between 40Hz to 200Hz.

Features of a Battery Reconditioning Charger

Before buying your own battery reconditioning charger, know the important features it must have. Below are the necessary features of a battery reconditioning charger.

  1. Built-in Regulator
    Any smart battery charger has a built-in microprocessor that monitors and supplies the needed current and voltage for your battery. It serves as the brain of the charger which prevents the battery from overcharging.
  2. Ability to Dissolve Sulfate Crystals
    These smart chargers are also capable of reconditioning batteries. They can dissolve small sulfate deposits on battery plates by sending frequencies.
  3. Accurate Voltage and Current Readings
    Considering they have better sensitivity, these chargers are capable of providing accurate and precise readings for the voltage and amperage status of the battery.

How a Battery Reconditioning Charger Works

These innovative and smart battery chargers have built-in microprocessors which monitor the status of the battery and measure its needed voltage and current.

In general, these smart chargers can operate in 7-steps or 8-steps charging methods. Here, we are just going to outline the 7-step charging mechanism of a regular battery reconditioning charger.

Seven Stage Charging Cycle

STEP 1Desulfation Process

In this stage, the charger sends frequencies to slowly dissolve the sulfate build-ups in the plates.

STEP 2Slow Start Amperage Feed

After the first stage, the charger delivers a 50 percent current into the battery without harming it.

STEP 3Max Amperage Flow

After the second stage, the charger delivers full amperage flow 100 percent to the battery until it reaches around 80 percent capacity.

STEP 4Low and Steady Amperage Flow

After the battery reaches 80 percent, the charger goes back to a slow charging rate until it is 100 percent fully charged.

STEP 5Battery test

The charger’s microprocessor then checks the voltage level of the battery to see if it has definitely reached maximum capacity.

STEP 6Battery reconditioning via Steady Amperage Flow

For batteries that are deeply discharged, the smart charger sends a constant and steady flow of current until the battery plates and electrolyte solution are of equal charge.

STEP 7Maintenance Function

Once the battery is 100 percent full, the charger switches to maintenance mode or float charging. In this stage, the charger sustains the 100 percent charge of the battery without overcharging it.

Battery Reconditioning Guide for Beginners

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions usually asked by most people regarding charger reconditioning modes.

Can a battery reconditioning charger be used for a deep cycle battery?
​Yes, you can use this kind of charger. The smart feature of this charger can quickly shift the amperage from slow (2A) to a fast charge (10A-15A).

What charger is preferred for charging AGM batteries?
​A smart charger is most appropriate for charging AGM batteries as it requires a slow gradual charging process.

Why does sulfation happen in lead-acid car batteries?
​Each time your car battery is used, sulfation happens. Overcharging or letting the battery sit idle will hasten the sulfation build-up in the battery plates. Constant recharging of the battery is important to reduce sulfate build-up in the plates.

How do battery chargers recondition batteries?

The actual meaning of battery reconditioning is getting back the health of the battery. After getting reconditioned, the battery will be able to get the full charge with the help of the charger. It attains the standard electrolyte level.

How long does a battery charger take to recondition a battery?

The duration may depend on the type of battery that you are going to recondition. However, as soon as you attempt reconditioning the battery it will take around 3-4 hours to complete the entire process.

Wrap Up

Battery reconditioning is a cost-efficient option if your battery is not greatly damaged but just requires reconditioning. Hopefully, we have shared quality information for your needs regarding the topic.

If you want to learn more about battery reconditioning chargers, you can check out Ez Battery Reconditioning Review for various courses. They have flexible and versatile courses that might suit your requirement for knowing more about battery reconditioning

Aside from learning these courses, you can easily earn by having your own battery reconditioning business. With this, you can learn and earn at the same time.

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