Best Solar Powered Security Cameras of 2022

Written by <strong>William Palmer</strong>
Written by William Palmer

Last Updated on January 12, 2022

Best Solar Powered Security Cameras in the market

Keeping loved ones safe is everyone’s priority! With the increasing crime rate, it has become imperative to install a security camera for monitoring safety and security.

A solar-powered security camera is great for providing a sense of calm and certainty for your home.

Solar-powered security cameras utilize solar panels for functioning and storing extra sunlight for prolonged use. Hence, the security cameras are not compromised due to a wire or power failure.

These outdoor security cameras are equipped with motion detection features to track the minimal of activities in low light. As per our research, Soliom Solar Powered Security Camera strikes a perfect balance between durability and performance while being affordable.

There are numerous benefits to using security cameras and the article will help you to come across a list of the best solar powered security cameras.

Everything we recommend

Editors' pick

Soliom Solar Powered Security Camera

It comes with upgraded solar panels, which efficiently collects sunlight and is capable to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Premium pick

Reolink Outdoor Wireless Security Camera System

With google assistant and Alexa support, this is a smart and efficient security camera, which works independently and eliminates the need for regular maintenance.

Budget pick

Yeskamo Battery Security Camera Wireless

With both have solar powered and battery charging capacity ensuring non-stop power supply along with smart PIR and motion detection alarms its one of best camera.

List of the best solar powered security cameras to choose from in 2022

Contrary to traditional cameras, solar powered cameras are better in providing performance and saving money at the same time! It houses an SD card slot which means one needs to implant a MicroSD card and the videos will be recorded without any hassle. For additional convenience, some cameras come with a two-way audio communication feature, allowing to talk with the person standing outside the door.

The security cameras are easy to install, provide full HD video recording and the list just goes on. If you still have doubts regarding What are the best security cameras? Read this whole guide before making up your mind!

Our pick

Soliom Solar Powered Security Camera

Soliom Solar Powered Security Camera comes with upgraded solar panels, which efficiently collects sunlight and is capable to withstand extreme weather conditions. It comes with wide-angle vision, night vision and full HD video recording, making it an excellent choice for your home. Further, it can send real-time alerts and videos that help you to stay alert all the time.

Soliom Solar Powered Security Camera used for outdoor security to generate alert during trespassing. If you connect the camera with an indoor WI-FI connection, it will record the video clips on detecting any motion and send real-time alerts through email or text. They come with a wings design which helps it to stay firm in extreme weather conditions.

Soliom Solar Powered Security Camera comes with upgraded large solar panels backed with triple charging efficiency. The device derives power from a 4000mah Lithium Polymer cell when not exposed to sunlight.

It exhibits an IP66 rating so it can withstand extreme weather conditions. The rugged features make it effective to be used in farms, countrysides, etc.

However, the positioning of the camera and the solar panel should be facing the sunlight, which eventually limits the places where one can put the camera.

Also great

Reolink Outdoor Wireless Security Camera System​

With google assistant and Alexa support, Reolink Outdoor Wireless Security Camera System is a smart and efficient wireless security camera, which works independently and eliminates the need for regular maintenance. Besides, it has full Hd display along with a competent night vision so it can efficiently detect any activity at night. There is an SD card slot for 64 GB MicroSD card that helps to record videos and playback though an app when needed.

Reolink Outdoor Wireless Security Camera System is a smart device for outdoor surveillance, which keeps you at peace. The WI-FI interface and solar panel make it an absolute wire-free security device. The portable design and weatherproof model compels it to be competent for using both indoors and outdoors.

There is a CMOS sensor and a 33 ft night vision enabling superb quality video recording and photos at night. It comes with 1920×1080 full HD resolution with Infrared LEDs, 15 frames/sec and 6pcs 850nm speed.

Its 120° horizontal PIR detection angle eliminates blind spots, providing a wider field of view.

Besides it lacks to not work with a magnetic wall mount, the device runs smoothly without any complications.

Budget pick

YESKAMO 1080P HD Video Solar Powered IP Cameras

YESKAMO 1080P HD Video Solar Powered IP Camera both have solar powered and battery charging capacity ensuring non-stop power supply. Along with smart PIR and motion detection alarms, it reduces the chance of false alarms. This device is very easy to install and requires less maintenance.

YESKAMO 1080P HD Video Solar Powered IP Cameras are powerful enough to provide round o’clock surveillance without electricity. It has a high IP rating so it can function in extreme weather conditions as well. The highlight would be the smart PIR detection feature that detects the human shape and reduces the chance of generating false alarms.

The strong solar panel, wireless interface and SD card storage capacity reduces the maintenance requirements.

It offers 1080P HD videos with smart PIR sensors, thereby, detects human shapes and reduces the chance of generating false alarms.

All the comprehensive features offer additional convenience so the users can stay at peace knowing their loved ones are safe at home.


AKASO Wireless Outdoor Security Camera

For additional convenience, AKASO Wireless Outdoor Security Camera comes with two voice communication and motion detection, thereby, offering better security at your place. The highlight of the device would be recording storage and remote access from your smartphone enabling you to keep an eye on every activity of the people who step in your property.

AKASO Wireless Outdoor Security Camera can be integrated with both Google home devices and Alexa to provide additional convenience to the users. It comes with a smart security system so even if your SD card is stolen or the camera is damaged no one can access the videos without account details.

It enables 10S to 15S video clip recording so it keeps on recording the video until the motion stops. There are 4 modes of motion detection with a 12ft PIR detection range, which reduces the risk of false alarms.

Super night vision up to 33 ft along with 120° wide-angle viewing that leaves no blind spots and provides wide coverage.

The highlight is two-way communication that helps to communicate with the person outside the door directly. Overall, it is one of the best options one can go for.


Panoraxy WiFi Security Solar Camera

Panoraxy WiFi Security Solar Camera exhibits three solar panels set on the top of the camera body, which eliminates the need for installation of the solar panel separately. Apart from that, the device is absolutely wirefree so the installation process is very easy and saves electricity bills while reducing the need for maintenance. 

Panoraxy WiFi Security Solar Camera comes with advanced PIR Sensors and improved night vision technology to ensure 24-hour surveillance. To run the cameras efficiently for a long time, it requires 2-4 hours of direct sunlight to the solar panel. The high weatherproof rating makes it compatible with extreme weather conditions.

The security camera has in-built powerful Infrared LED lights along with state-of-the-art PIR, thereby, reducing the false alarms.

Under the spec sheet, it has 1080P full HD sensors which offer vivid image and video quality to identify a person’s face.

It exhibits an IP66 weatherproof rating. Hence, the users can use it for outdoor security without worrying about rain or dust.

However, the users need to download a free app to use the two-way audio communication feature, which can be counted as a drawback as many uses don’t prefer to coddle up their smartphone memory.


WeJupit Solar Battery Powered Outdoor Security Camera

With upgraded solar panel, 1080P HD recording, cloud storage, motion detection,  night vision, 2-Way audio feature and high waterproof rating, WeJupit Solar Battery Powered Outdoor Security Camera is one of the devices one can avail around this price tag. There are 2 Lithium ion batteries included with the product to save enough charge to maintain its functionality on less sunny days. 

WeJupit Solar Battery Powered Outdoor Security Camera is ideal for outdoor home security due to its portable and intelligent design. Fully wire-free installation process and durable features make it handy to be used in barren lands, farms, construction sites etc.

It derives power from a 3000mAh solar-powered battery that provides ample back up to keep it running for a long duration.

The 1080P Full HD resolution paired with a 110-degree wide-angle offers a larger monitoring range and clearer image quality.

The durable plastic body and IP66 rating assure that it can be used in extreme weather conditions as well.

The major highlight of this device is its unique design, where the solar panel is placed over the security camera. However, it also limits the space of putting the camera.


ViewZone Solar Powered Security Camera L4

Having a 6400Mah rechargeable battery, a powerful solar panel, WiFi camera, very high waterproof rating, a multi-User interface and efficient motion detection alarm, ViewZone Solar Powered Security Camera L4 stands as one of the best products the user should invest in. The major highlight of the product is PIR sensor and trigger recording, which can help to stop any trespassing and reduces the chance of false alarms.

ViewZone Solar Powered Security Camera L4 caters to all sorts of outdoor security needs with the help of it’s advanced and portable design. The high-resolution cameras and motion detection limit the false alarms ensuring that you have a peaceful sleep at night.

The 6400mAh batteries provide ample backup. The solar panel is placed above the camera eliminating the need of taking out batteries to charge separately.

This device comes with an easy and wireless installation process through an application called “To See”. Besides, the personalized account settings keep your data secure.

The camera sports a 104° wider viewing angle that reduces the blind spots and the sensitive PIR vision only identifies the objects with heat impression.

Overall, the weatherproof rating and HD resolution camera make it an ideal choice.

Solar powered security camera buying guide
Why you need solar powered security cameras

Solar powered security camera Vs traditional security camera

The security cameras use solar panels for proper functioning. Since they don’t depend on any electrical source using natural resources keeps the surroundings safer and clean. While the traditional security cameras run on electricity and fail to provide backup during power outages.

The solar-powered cameras mostly exhibit a wire-free setup that limits the need for regular maintenance. On the other hand, traditional cameras are not easy to install or maintain due to the wire included set up.

Primarily, solar security cameras come with high-quality solar panels, which enables them to capture sunlight and convert the energy into DC. With the help of an inverter, the direct current changes into the alternating current that is used to power the security cameras and charges the batteries for continuous use.

However, there is a common notion that solar-powered security cameras cannot function on rainy days. This is absolutely false as the excess energy stored in the batteries helps to run the cameras. On the contrary, traditional security cameras depend on the electric power supply to charge the batteries. In case, the security camera runs out of charge during a power outage then it will shut down.

A healthy environment is synonymous with healthy living. The traditional cameras use high-voltage electricity to charge the batteries, which harms nature. Whereas, the solar-powered cameras use natural sunlight, thereby, making the environment greener.

Now, if you want to take another step forward to keep your home safe then installing Solar Powered Motion Security Lights is a good option.

6 Things to consider before you opt for a security camera

With the advancement of technology, smart outdoor security cameras have evolved, which can provide 24-hour security without using electricity. Likewise, advanced security cameras can provide a better recording or video surveillance. Therefore, one needs to consider a few things before choosing a security camera for home.

When it comes to saving your property from vandalism and keeping loved ones safe, one should check out the definitive guide given below for choosing a solar-powered security camera.


While installing a security camera for outdoor security, the first thing that comes in our mind is, what if it rains? Therefore, it is better to choose one with a good weatherproof IP rating. The ruggedness of a security camera makes it suitable to be used in extreme weather conditions and disaster-prone geographical locations.

Motion detection

Motion detection helps to recognize trespassing and sends email alerts directly. Furthermore, these types of security cameras send video recordings that you can playback later to identify who or what triggered the alert.

Remote access

This is a very adventurous feature of a security camera as it allows you to keep an eye on your property or home from your smartphone. Hence, whenever you are worried about the safety of your home, you need to switch on your smartphone. If you live away from home or have a property in the countryside then this feature is a must-have.

Battery powered

One of the major problems encountered with traditional security cameras was that they failed to provide security without electricity. Choosing solar-powered security ensures smooth video recording without electricity. The extra power is stored in the batteries provides service even when the sunlight is low.

Night vision

In case you are going for wireless security cameras then also check if it has night vision for better performance. Since most burglaries take place at night, a good wireless security camera with night vision can help you to detect unusual activities both inside and outside of your home.

These security cameras have infrared (IR) LEDs across the lens enabling it to take clear images at night.

If you live in the countryside and want to stop trespassing of wild animals in your house then security cameras are not enough, you should consider using a  Solar Fence Charger.

High definition

The high definition feature in a security camera decides the clarity of images and videos. Primarily, security cameras are available with three different high definition options including 720p, 1080p and 1440p. To view a person’s face and movements clearly, one should opt for at least 1080p video recording.

The advanced security cameras don’t need to be bound with third party security sources to assure full safety. Starting from high definition, ruggedness, accessibility, clarity to energy efficiency, using the best solar powered security cameras ensure 360-degree protection. Further, some new-gen security cameras can provide both local and cloud storage options as well.

5 Benefits of using solar powered security camera

A solar-powered security camera allows you to monitor without outside help. An advanced solar powered security camera sends you alerts based on the conditions you set, which includes, unwanted trespassing, bad weather conditions, etc. Thus, you can track every activity on your property by sitting at home.

There are multiple benefits of using solar-powered security cameras, some of them include:


The solar power security cameras can be easily intrigued to incorporate all the footage and provide an easy user interface. This helps to monitor the overall property without any hassle. One can also use their smartphone to watch over their property while sitting at their home comfort. Further, it runs with solar energy, so no need to charge the batteries separately.

Easy to install

Installing security cameras include a complicated procedure of wiring and challenges of the power source. Hence, consider going for a wireless camera for use in construction sites, landscapes, viewpoints, etc. A wireless security camera requires less maintenance, is cheaper and easy to install as there’s no obstruction created by wires.

Environment friendly

Solar-powered security cameras are a greater environmentally-friendly choice. Implanting a wired traditional security camera can harm the natural and sensitive locations. These solar-powered security cameras use natural sunlight ensuring minimal requirements. Therefore, the solar-powered cameras don’t add up to environmental pollution.

Energy efficient

The security camera system is solar powered so the need for an electrical power source is excluded. The battery backup assures the functioning of security cameras even on gloomy days without low sunlight. Additionally, the use of solar panels doesn’t leave your surveillance at the mercy of power outages.

Multiple storage options

A solar-powered security camera is excellent for use in any harsh condition. These cameras are ideal to be used in remote locations as it runs without electricity and all the controlled panels and can be monitored over the cloud. Some cameras use both local and cloud storage for storing video records.

Due to the independent working feature of the solar-powered security cameras, it has outweighed the benefits of traditional security cameras. Besides constant surveillance, less maintenance of the cameras eliminates the need for physical presence. The countless benefits of solar-powered security cameras make it a must-have for home security.

If you want to enhance the beauty of your backyard and enjoy bird watching then you can go through our buyer’s guide on  Solar Birdbath Fountain and have a better knowledge of the products. 


If your loved one’s safety is a concern, installing these solar-powered security cameras is the ultimate choice for you. Most of them come with highly rugged ratings to be used in every season.

The wireless connectivity makes the installation process easy and reduces the need for daily maintenance. However, these cameras are solar powered so the solar panels need to be placed under direct sunlight.

The two-way audio communication feature has received tremendous applause from the customers, as it allows them to talk with the person standing outside the door without letting them in. With a full-fledged solar panel, Reolink Security Camera is our premium pick among all the solar powered rope lights available in the market currently.

Further, all these products have received positive feedback from customers, who were delighted by the efficiency of these products.

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Reolink Wireless Security Camera​


Reolink Wireless Security Camera System​