The Power of Point-of-Use Power

Written by <strong>Kevin Miller</strong>
Written by Kevin Miller
Last Updated on July 29, 2020

Nothing is more useful and environmentally-friendly than renewably generating power right at the place where you’ll use it.

Think about power being generated by fossil fuels, then shipped hundreds of miles through transmission and distribution lines to its point of consumption. How environmentally unfriendly is that?

Well, at WrightGrid, we believe that whenever you erect a new building, install new infrastructure or bring a new power-consuming product to life, you should first ask: can we generate the power we need right here, right now, sustainably?

When it comes to the Model Z – the answer is always yes. We believe in building indispensable parts of smart city infrastructure. And we believe our products – and all infrastructure – should be designed in a forward-thinking way so that its power needs are met with as much point-of-use, renewably-generated power. We shouldn’t rely on the grid, and make improvements when and where we can. We should rely on our innovation, our spirit, and our technology – to ignite a shift from grid power to point-of-use power. We should place the responsibility on ourselves to make plugging into the grid an option of last resort.

That’s the power of point-of-use power – and the promise of WrightGrid’s Model Z. Follow us, connect with us, and learn more at