Best Solar Rope Lights of 2022

Written by <strong>William Palmer</strong>
Written by William Palmer

Last Updated on January 12, 2022

list of best Solar Rope Lights

With the advancement of technology, we are stepping into a generation of energy-efficient electronics. From lighting up your home during festivals, decorating the outdoor area to creating an increased sense of safety, solar string lights are a smart way to illuminate your world without raising your electricity bill.

These solar rope lights are the best for decorating both indoor and outdoor areas, as they don’t use electricity for functioning. Be it Christmas decoration, lighting up the pathway to garden or for illuminating the outdoor area, the bright and cosy solar rope lights are enough to emphasise your decoration.

There are different rope lighting available in the market, some of them are more elegant, and others are more rugged or utilitarian. As per our research, Homestarry 100 Ft Solar Rope Lights strikes a perfect balance between durability and elegance while being easy to install and affordable.

However, everyone’s needs are different. Search for the best solar rope lights may vary depending on various factors like where to install, the process of installation, durability and affordability.

To help you find out the suitable lighting modes, we have compiled a list of our top products.

Everything we recommend

Editors' pick

Homestarry 100 Ft Solar Rope Lights

The smart remote system is the most preferred feature by the users, as it enables them to switch between different modes for setting different ambience.
Premium pick

LOGUIDE Outdoor Solar LED Strip Lights

The high waterproof rating ensures durable performance for a long time. This device is absolutely solar powered, eliminating the need for batteries.

Budget pick

SANJICHA Solar String Rope Light

The large solar panel, strong battery back-up and high IP rating make it perfect to be used in extreme weather conditions and power outage. 

Top picks for the best solar rope lights of the year 2022

Unlike traditional lighting modes, solar powered rope lights do not require any power outlet as it functions using sunlight. It comes with a rechargeable battery and smart light sensor, which means it is automatically turned on after sunset, once charged during the day.

For further convenience, some solar rope lights come with a control switch and some solar powered rope lights have motion sensors.

The solar powered led bulbs come with different lighting modes, easy to install, energy-efficient and the list goes on! Wondering which solar rope light to choose for you? Read the whole article before you make up your mind.

Our pick

Homestarry 100 Ft Solar Rope Lights

The 100 Ft length is really a bonus if someone is purchasing it for decoration purposes. The smart remote system is the most preferred feature by the users, as it enables them to switch between different modes for setting different ambience. Further, the high IP rating proves the durability and longevity of the products.

Homestarry 100 Ft Solar Rope Lights claimed to have 6.7% higher conversion rate than other rope lights. For providing a long time back up, the 3AA batteries need 6 hours of steady sunlight.

It is manufactured with PVC material so the lights can be twisted to any shape for decoration purposes. There is 4ft spacing between each LED bulb, which makes it ideal for decorating the backyard, front porch, patio and illuminating the outdoor.

This device is provided with a smart wireless RF remote offering wall-through signal and
130FT control range. Further, it has eight different lighting modes including Twinkle or Flash, Combination, Slo Glo, Chasing or Flash, In Wave, Sequential, Slow fade and Steady on.

To withstand rain or heat, this rope light is made with high-quality material and has a waterproof IP67 rating.

However, it is little lengthy so handling it could require little patience, otherwise, it is a good option around this price tag.

Also great

LOGUIDE Outdoor Solar LED Strip Lights

The highlight of LOGUIDE Outdoor Solar LED Strip Lights is definitely the easy and adhesive installation process and multiple lighting modes. The high waterproof rating ensures durable performance for a long time. This device is absolutely solar powered, eliminating the need for batteries. Further, there is an in-built memory chip that saves the last modes setting, so there’s no need for resetting it again.

A LOGUIDE Outdoor Solar LED Strip Light consists of 180LED lights which illuminates the pathway more efficiently. It comes coiled with a bobbin winder so that it doesn’t get messed up during installation.

It is manufactured with high-quality and flexible material, making it easy to be twisted for different decorations. Besides, it is really easy to store and always ready to use.

The solar rope light comes with eight lighting modes, which include Waves, Fade, Marquee, Combination, Fireflies flash, Twinkle Marquee, Steady etc. All these beautiful modes make it an ideal choice for decorating your patio, gardens, backyard, for a wedding or party, entrance hall, balcony etc.

Even during a rainy evening users can enjoy the cosy lighting due to the high IP67 waterproof rating.

These rope lights have adhesive material on the back so it instantly sticks on the wall. On the other hand, the solar panel can run for 12 hours after 4-6 hours of charging under sunlight.

Overall, it is an amazing device around this price tag.

Budget pick

SANJICHA Solar String Rope Light

SANJICHA Solar String Lights not only adds a charm to your decoration but also creates a sense of safety. The large solar panel, strong battery back-up and high IP rating make it perfect to be used in extreme weather conditions and power outage. However, one should make sure the solar panel is switched on manually before using.

The upgraded bulbs makes it brighter while the in-built 1200mAh Ni-MH AA batteries make it durable and large solar panels ensure quick charging for long time backup. Once the battery is fully charged under sunlight, it can provide back-up up to 8 long hours.

SANJICHA Solar String Lights feature IP65 Waterproof rating for guaranteed strong performance during rains. There is a memory chip function that saves the last lighting settings, so you don’t need to reset it again.

Besides, the copper wire provides enough flexibility to be installed anywhere for decoration purposes, making it an ideal choice for party decorations, home decoration, wedding decoration, patio, garden, fence, wrapping around trees, decorating rooftop and so on.

Having been manufactured with high-quality material, it is a very durable, bright, sturdy, lightweight, flexible device with a strong solar panel and has 8 lighting modes. Hence, it is a device you should go for.


BHCLIGHT 2 Pack Solar String Lights

Starting from longer working duration, high IP65 waterproof rating, made with flexible and durable Copper wire to fast charging technology, all the features makes it an ideal choice for home decoration. The main highlight of the solar power lights would be the automatic ON and Off feature. These warm white coloured lights are perfect for setting up a cosy ambience and one can also change the lighting modes as preferred.

BHCLIGHT 2 Pack Solar String Lights come with a larger solar panel provided with fast charging technology, which offers higher energy conversion and makes the string lights more long-lasting than other brands.

Having a solar panel, it eliminates the need for extra utility electric cost and battery replacement. Besides, it can work up to 10-12 hours, once it is fully charged.

These solar rope lights come with 8 different modes to complement every mood of the users. There is a built-in memory chip or memory function that saves your last lighting modes setting, so you don’t need to reset it again and again.

The solar powered rope lights are ideal for home decorations, wedding decorations, party decorations, holiday decorations, and so on. Overall, there’s no major drawback and it is a great product at this range.


LiyuanQ Upgraded Solar Powered String Lights

With energy-efficient LED bulbs, the lights do not overheat even after using many hours and easy to store after usage. These lights are high energy conversion environmental-friendly, safe to use and durable. The main highlight is the adjustable solar panel that can be bent in 180-degree angle for better absorption of sunlight. 

LiyuanQ Upgraded Solar Powered String Lights exhibits 66 feet malleable copper wire with 200 led along with 360-degree viewing angle so that it illuminates in every direction. Those flexible and super-thin wires can be bent and shaped around plants easily, make signs, wrap around furniture and everything else.

There are multiple lighting modes to set different atmospheres as per your mood. Some of the modes include combination, waves, fireflies flashing, fading, fading slowly, chasing or flashing, twinkle or flashing and steady on etc.

Due to the smart solar panel and rechargeable battery, the lights get switched on at dark and go off by the day. If the solar panel gets enough sunlight during the day then it works efficiently for 8 hours at night.

Both the solar panel and string lights feature high IP67 waterproof rating, thereby, making it an ideal lighting solution for outdoor usage.

Overall, these multi-colour solar rope lights help to create a warm atmosphere in all the corners of your house without raising your electricity bill.

Why you need solar powered rope lights

9 Advantages of solar powered rope lights

The use of renewable energy has gained momentum as it seeks to answer the rising concern regarding environmental pollution and crisis. Solar energy has been identified as one of the most inexhaustible renewable energy sources, thereby, many companies have started to invest in solar panels.

The energy consumed by solar panels can be used for multiple purposes and one of the most efficient ways is solar lighting. Primarily, a solar powered rope light comes with a solar panel that collects sunlight to charge the batteries and provide light. Hence, there are several benefits of using solar powered rope lights.

Wondering why you should use solar lighting? Keep scrolling to know some compelling advantages of solar powered rope lights.

Easy installation process

Contrary to the traditional electric lights, you don’t need to worry about power outlets and cords. This enables the freedom to decorate your space as per your convenience without worrying about the electricity bill.

Safety first

Solar powered string lights eliminate the need for dangerous extensions and these rope lights also don’t get overheated. Hence, the risk of fire is reduced.


Solar lights are convenient for multiple reasons. One of the main reasons is that solar lights will provide light during a power outage as well. Some of the solar powered string lights come with a high waterproof rating, which ensures functioning during rainy days.

Eco-friendly aspect

Solar powered rope lights don’t result in any kind of pollution gas like nitrous oxide or carbon dioxide. Besides, these solar lights tend to last longer than other traditional electric lights, reducing the need for frequent replacement so less light strands are thrown out to get piled up in landfills. Further, it uses sunlight for functioning so it saves electricity, which indicates less energy consumption.

Free energy

Again, being powered by sunlight, these solar powered lights do not require any power outsource. Approximately, you spend $10.00 per 300 hours when using traditional lighting but using solar string lights can save you a lot.


Incandescent lights are made of filament and glass so they burn out and break easily. On the other hand, solar powered lights are made of durable plastic so they tend to last 10 times longer than incandescent lights.


It seems like a huge cost at first, but if you do the math correctly and consider the cost you pay to your electric supplier, then it will seem very cost-effective in the long run.


Solar powered string lights are available in different colours and they can be bent or moulded to give any shape for decoration. These lights are bright enough but not too much to attack bugs or insects, so one can decorate their space without worrying about the little creatures.

Apart from these, you can also get a Solar Birdbath Fountain to enhance the beauty of your backyard. 

Availability in different options

Solar light is now available in different sizes, shapes, colours etc. to serve aesthetic purposes and set the ambience. Hence, one can use the lights to wrap around trees, furniture, branches, shrubbery, trellis, and over decks for creating the ideal outdoor oasis.

Apart from that, one can use the length of the solar rope lights as per their requirement. For instance, you can pick a 100 led or 200 led stand for decorating a particular area of your garden.

The best solar powered rope lights are made to cater as per your decoration needs while maintaining easy functionality. Having been solar powered and durable, these outdoor led light on a rope eliminates the need for regular maintenance.

When it comes to choosing a solar powered rope light, you will encounter a wide choice of outdoor solar led bulbs customised to serve different aesthetic and functional preferences. Therefore, we have compiled a guide for choosing the best solar powered rope light.

To give your home a complete makeover this christmas, Solar Christmas Lights are a great option. Our experts also have some product suggestions for you, so always stay put with wrightgrid!

5 things to consider when buying solar powered rope lights

No matter whether you wish to illuminate the entrance of your garden or to create a sense of safety outdoors during dark, there are several reasons behind investing in solar powered rope lights.
However, it can be challenging to choose the suitable rope lights from a wide range of options available. Best solar power lights can make your home decoration complete while a bad set of solar lights may be a waste of money.

Hence, here is a compiled list of things that one must consider before investing in solar powered rope lights.

Purpose of usage

The most important thing is knowing the purpose of using solar powered rope lights. For instance, if you want to decorate a particular area or entrance gate, then you may opt for a 100 led string instead of a lengthy one.


You should fix a budget before investing in solar powered lights as they can seem expensive at first. Suppose, you have purchased a 100ft string light but your requirement is more than that. Hence, you must decide whether buying two medium-length strings would be more cost-effective than buying a long string or not.

Suitable for indoors or outdoors

First of all, one needs to decide where to put the lights, indoors or outdoors because the solar panel of the string lights should be placed accordingly. If you want to use the solar string lights outside then make sure that these lights are heat and rain resistant.

If you want lights for outdoor decoration or illumination only, then you can go through our guide for Solar Flagpole Lights.

Purchasing policy

Before buying any product one must go through the brand details and check if they have customer support or not. Many times customers face difficulty while installing the lights, if the brand has an after-sale policy then they might provide assistance.


In case you don’t get ample sunlight to charge the lights then opt for solar powered lights with additional batteries. Consider weatherproof rating before investing in a product if you want to install it in a remote location.

Solar powered string lights are an ideal solution to your home decoration needs. Regardless of where you want to install it, indoors or outdoors, they help to illuminate an object or area with a warm and cosy glow. Considering the above-mentioned things will help you to buy the most suitable solar power lights.

Final Verdict

If you want to impress your neighbours this holiday with great lighting decorations without raising your electric bill, these best solar string lights are a great option for you. Most of the solar lights come with a high rugged rating, which can be used in any weather conditions.

The use of solar panels reduces the need for daily maintenance and makes the installation process easier. Some lights come with flexible solar mounts, while some solar panels need to be placed in front of direct sunlight for better functioning.

Further, the different lighting modes are the most preferred feature by the customers, as it allows them to set the right ambience for every occasion. Alongside, some solar panels come with a memory function, where the previous mode setting is programmed and no need to set every time.

All these products have received marvellous feedback from all the customers, who are overjoyed by the efficiency of the products. With flexible 180 degree solar panels, LOGUIDE Outdoor Solar LED Strip Lights is our premium pick among all the solar powered rope lights available in the market currently.

Outdoor solar powered rope lights do not only reduce environmental pollution but also proves to be cost-effective in the long run. Hence, after going through the usage details of these string lights, it can be stated that most of the lights have features while the prices may vary but the best bet lies in warranty and after-sale service.

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Editors' pick

Homestarry 100 Ft Solar Rope Lights


Homestarry 100 Ft Solar Rope Lights