We Successfully Charged up Boston + Somerville!

Written by <strong>Kevin Miller</strong>
Written by Kevin Miller
Last Updated on July 29, 2020

We’ve successfully wrapped up our fall pilots with the City of Boston and the City of Somerville! We had a total of 6 Model Z Charging Stations throughout Boston and Somerville. Located in Boston City Hall Plaza, Faneuil Hall Plaza, Davis Square, Union Square, Assembly Row, and Foss Park.


As we set out to deploy our pilots we worked with the cities to install stations near public transit stops and highly foot-trafficked areas to increase broad civic engagement. We anticipated people plugging in while waiting for the bus or the train, enjoying a cup of coffee and a free charge-up during their morning or evening commutes. However, we were very happy to learn that we served a diverse population of end-users. A sampling of our learnings include: construction workers charged up during their lunch break at Foss Park, a father who had taken his son to the movies in Assembly Row plugged in to call an Uber, and millennials galore constantly connected to stay on top of their social media games.


Our Model Z Charging Stations also allowed us to track valuable information such as the total number of phones charged, total foot-traffic, and total amount of solar energy harvested. We’re currently analyzing this and will soon produce a post-pilot white paper on our findings. This information will also help us during the design process for our next generation station as we determine things like the optimal solar panel size, backup battery size, and total numbers of secure lockers.


Do you want to charge up your city, or brand? Consider participating in our 2016 Pilot Program. Contact us for details! #getchargedup