Two of the most critical benchmarks of an economically-vibrant and healthy community are a robust communications network and an inexpensive source of energy. Yet despite major investments in mobile phone infrastructure throughout developing nations, nearly 2+ billion mobile phone users are without a reliable charging source.

Enter WrightGrid’s Model Z: a secure, solar-powered charging station, which predictably provides a sustainable source of energy to empower individuals, create reliable connectivity for power-starved communities and cultivate entrepreneurship and economic growth.

The Model Z is the brainchild of Ryan Wright, who in 2013 set out to create a sustainable point-of-use power product that would be equally applicable in major metropolitan hot spots as it would be in the remote villages of Sub-Saharan Africa. The initial concept for an easy-to-use, yet secure, renewably-powered charging station required the creation of what would become WrightGrid’s proprietary ChargeWright™ Technology: the cutting-edge power management system which provides reliable phone charging without any connection to the power grid.

With the help of a tremendously talented team, WrightGrid has taken that concept from initial prototype to a fully developed point-of-use power product available for immediate deployment throughout the U.S. and internationally.

The WrightGrid Model Z is a secure, solar-powered public charging station embedded with proprietary ChargeWright™ Technology, remote system management, and robust branding options.

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