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The wrightgrid model z is a secure, solar-powered public charging + wi-fi station. Embedded with chargewright™ technology, wi-fi connectivity, remote system management, and robust branding options. The model z provides an efficient charging solution without the need for infrastructure modifications.


Secure Smart Charging Station

  • Efficient power management & charge curtailment
  • Wi-fi connectivity
  • 100% off-grid solution
  • 10 secure cell phone lockers with universal charge cables
  • Charges over 95% of the mobile and tablet devices on the market; including all Apple (iOS) and Android devices

Powerful Experiential Marketing Platform

  • Custom on-station branding to match the look & feel of your brand
  • Associate your brand with sustainability
  • Create a positive brand experience

Our 100% Solar Powered, Mobile And Secure Charging + Wi-Fi Stations Seamlessly Accommodate Cell Phone Users On The Go At Educational Campuses, Outdoor Festivals, Trade Shows, Resort Destinations And Off-Grid Locations.

Model Z Technical Specs

  • Height: 105” including solar panel
  • Main Pillar Width: 23”
  • Width (including Ad Panel): 51”
  • Depth: 23”
  • Weight: 550 lbs
  • Ad Panel Dimensions: 27.5″x53″
  • Exterior Coating: Powder coat + custom weatherpoof vinyl wrap
  • Types of Charging Cables: Micro USB, Apple Lightning
  • Battery: 210 amp hour backup battery
  • Power Output (to each locker): 5.25V at up to 2.5amps
  • Wind Speed Durability: 60 mph
  • Optimal Operating Temperature Range: 20-105 degrees F


Keeping Mobile Devices Charged Is A Problem. Wrightgrid Provides A Secure & Sustainable Solution. Connect Today And #getchargedup.

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